Monthly Archives: June 2013

Battle of the Supers: Mediums vs Deeps

I once heard it called “the old man’s super”.  When I first saw one, I thought it looked to small to hold any significant amount of honey.  You’d have to stack so many of these on top of the hive to give the bees enough room.  Yes, I am speaking of the medium honey super.  Fifteen years ago we decided to start using these smaller boxes in our family bee business and soon discovered why mediums are far superior to using deeps as honey supers.

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Queen Bee Failure

We’ve all been there.  While checking each hive in the bee yard there is often one or two hives that just aren’t performing like all the rest.  You decide to dig a little deeper in the hive by pulling out multiple frames from the brood box.  Your frustration grows as you can’t find any eggs, or worse, frames full of scattered, bulged out drone brood.  You ask yourself “what happened to the queen?”

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