Lovely Lavender

Most of the honey that my hives produce would be classified as clover, wildflower or alfalfa. The only specialty honey I have access to is lavender. Each summer around the third week of June I load up fifty to sixty hives and move them to a nearby pasture just south of the lavender fields.


Lavender Fields

About eight years ago I came across a farm in the county south of me that is operated by an essential oils company. Young Living Farms owns 1400 acres where they grow multiple herbs including: lavender, German chamomile, hyssop, clary sage, golden rod, peppermint and juniper. Lavender being their largest crop.

The farm is open to the public with tours of their distillery, wagon rides, small animal farm and a pond with paddle boats. The last weekend of June they hold their annual Lavender Days celebration with a 5k run and live concerts.

The lavender stays in bloom until the end of July. I usually pull the honey supers off the first week of August. The first day I extract the lavender honey the tank room has a strong smell of lavender. The honey has a very distinct floral after taste that many of my customers love. It is always the first honey I sell out of each season.


Loading the Hives the Night Before

Lavender Bee Yard

Lavender Bee Yard

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