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Here We Go Again! Spring 2015

My hives have survived another winter, well some of them. Yes, it was one of those winters. The kind that makes you question why you are still a beekeeper. Even though it was one of the most mild winters on record my hive loss surpassed the dreaded fifty percent mark. I thought I had done all the right things last season, good honey crop, got the mite treatments on at the right time, extra feeding for the light hives throughout the fall, but by November cluster sizes were crap.

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Unbelievable Bee Day

As I think back upon the many experiences I have had while working bees there is one day that stands out as the most memorable.  Just when I thought nothing else could go wrong, this unbelievably crazy day took on a life of its own as my brother and I battled hunger, thirst, fire and a host of other challenges, barely making it home with a full truckload of honey supers.

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